Sk8 Dog


Made for TV movie about a family owned skate boarding business, shooting early summer in Chicago.

Casting will be held at Golan Studios, 1501 N. Magnolia Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642. Casting dates and times to be announced soon.

Roles Include:

Jack (Father, early middle age, white male)

Mary (Mother, early middle age, white female)

Tommy (10 yrs old, white male)

Alice (10 yrs old, black female)

Sally (16-19 yrs old, white female)


Casting Director: Candice Gerber (312) 642-4500 x5703,


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Made for TV family movie about a family owned skate board company with a skatboarding and talking (via voice over) Bull Dog. 12 Shooting days total, SAG & Non-SAG.

Links for sides to be provided soon.

Available Roles

Bully (live action Dog): Male or Female, Bull Dog, Must Skate Board

Tommy: Male, 10, White
Son of Jack & Mary
Sucks at skateboarding, but keeps trying

Jack: Male, 35-55, White
Father, former skateboarder, owns skate boarding company

Mary: Female, 31-45, White

Alice: Female, 10, Black
Tommy’s best friend

Sally: Female, 17-21, White
Tommy’s older, ninja skateboarder sister

Frankie: Male, 10-12, White
Bully, Tommy’s nemesis

Crowley: Female, 55-95, White

Chao: Male, 55-65, Asian

Jerome: Male, 35-55, Any ethnicity

Bully (Voice Over): Male, middle age, Voice Over only
Inner monologue of the Bull Dog


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