Top Notch Cinematography Takes Chicago ZEISS Lenses

ZEISS is an international company that has been making technological contributions in the realm of optics for the past 170 years. Besides being well known in the field of engineering and mechanical, ZEISS is known to produce the best quality lenses.

ZEISS lenses are used in eye glasses, cameras, cinematographic lenses, binoculars and even planetariums. With distribution centers and offices throughout the world, anyone can easily buy ZEISS lenses from any part of the world, even Chicago!

Top Quality Cinema Production Companies Love ZEISS

Although the ZEISS lenses help a film company shoot those breathtaking shots that will inevitable leave viewers with a memory that doesn’t fade in moment, just having ZEISS lenses in a cinematographer’s camera will not be enough to ensure the best shot is preserved. It is the quality and expertise of the cinema production company that is more likely to seal the deal.

Selecting a group, like Atomic Imaging, that ensures all your production work is done at the highest quality level. We can prove our superior film productions by the reputation we have earned in Chicago and across the country, and we’ve got movie clips, commercials, and videos productions to back it up.

Although not every project we’ve taken on at Atomic Imaging has employed ZEISS lenses, it is one that you might want to look into for your own use. Most of the camera accessories stores stock Chicago ZEISS lenses as it is one of the most sought after lens brands in Chicago. To make sure it produces the quality images it was meant to, proper care of it must be taken.

Tips on Maintaining Chicago ZEISS Lenses and Other Camera Lenses

It is important that you use the correct method and tools when cleaning your precious camera lenses like ZEISS lenses. Some tips to keep in mind for maintaining your camera lenses are:

  • Avoid touching and cleaning the lenses unnecessarily. The advanced coating and technology on the lenses make them susceptible to scratching and damage.
  • Always store the camera in the camera bag with the lens cover securely in place.
  • Periodically clean the camera bag to remove all dust and dirt that can attach to the lens.
  • Cleaning the lens with a rough cloth or fabric will lead to scratches. Just a few specs of dust will not make too much of a difference to the picture quality but scratches will make a huge difference.
  • Avoid oily and smudgy fingerprints on the rear element of the camera as this is the way that light is focused on the camera. Smudge marks will affect the light and thereby the picture.
  • 3 Step Cleaning Process

    As any camera store in Chicago will tell you, cleaning the camera lens is really easy. All you have to do is follow the 3-step process:

  • Use a blower or a soft-bristle brush to remove all dust and dirt from the lens.
  • Take a lens tissue or a cleaning cloth and apply a few drops of lens cleaning solution.
  • Use a gentle circular motion with very light pressure to remove fingerprints, grime and smudge marks from the lens. Work from the center to the outside.
  • It is important to be gentle with your lens, avoid unnecessary contact and repetitive cleaning and your lenses will last a long time.

    Film Production Questions? Call Atomic Imaging

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