Atomic Imaging: Capturing the Power of Film from New Heights

When you need cutting edge aerial cinematography then look no further than Atomic Imaging.

Atomic Imaging offers dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to the needs of every film and photographic project requiring aerial cinematography and aerial drone photography shots. With the highest quality in cinematographic precision, our team brings a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities offering a unique blend of creative expertise and technical skill to every project.

FAA Approved, Fully Licensed, and Permitted

With Atomic Imaging, you never have to worry about a project being stalled due to a licensing issue or lack of documentation. Atomic Imaging is an FAA approved and fully licensed aerial cinema production company.

Our reputation lies on the professionalism and experience of our pilots, aerial drone photographers, and photographic assistants, who are fully insured and operating at a level of transparency and safety that keeps projects in line and on target with our clients’ outlined vision, as well as on time with their production schedule.

The Equipment and Art in Our Cinematography

Specializing in motion picture, television, and commercial film production, Atomic Imaging produces aerial filming and photography for projects ranging from the small to largest scale.

We are equipped to accomplish tasks involving aerial photography, drone driven technology (UAV / UAS systems), and/or closed sets with an aim to exceed expectations on every project. Our innovative film and video gear include drones, helicopters, and other aerial equipment which can be used to help your project get the essential shots it needs to meet its goals while still keeping it within its budget needs.

From Pre-Production to Post-Production for films, TV, and commercial projects, we will create extraordinary imagery that informs, entertains, and connects your viewers through the power of film shot from low to high elevations.

Our full line of aerial film production equipment offers a variety of unique cinematic footage and photographic imagery to produce high quality visuals characterized with smooth rotation and seamless transitions. Solidly rooted with years of professional cinematography experience, Atomic Imaging is ready to sculpt out truly remarkable images and cinematic footage for your next project that will amaze in its presentation and delivery.

Enlisting an innovative and highly creative team with passions in photography, art, and technology, the Atomic Imaging group comes with a diverse skill set that can execute a visual story with spectacular film footage to match your vision, goals and expectations, going beyond what you could have ever imagined!

Atomic Imaging for the Best in Chicago Drone Photography

Is it time for you next project to truly take flight? Give Atomic Imaging a call.

We’ll capture your motion picture, television, and commercial production footage without any delays or disappointments.

Talk to an Atomic Imaging photography specialist today about your project’s vision, goals, and specifications so we can get started today! We can be reached at: (312) 649-1800