Blackmagic Design

Atomic Imaging is proud to be the Chicago dealer and rental facility for the Blackmagic Design product line, including i/o solutions, mini-convertors, ATEM switchers and the incredibly sought after Digital Cinema Camera.

There is so much interest in the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and we are so excited about it that we’ve put together a complete system, the Atomic BMD Cinema Package, which addresses all of the concerns from Matte Box, Follow Focus and Camera Rigging to Audio & Power solutions.

The package includes Ultrascope for high quality scopes and monitoring, as well as Davinci Resolve, the industry leading color grading system- at no extra charge.

Call (312) 649-1800 to place your order or to schedule an appointment to come in and get a “hands on” demo.

Atomic Imaging’s Director/DP, Ari Golan, who received the first Blackmagic Cinema Camera in Chicago, has spent the last several months running the extraordinarily anticipated RAW image capture device through its paces.

A lot has been written recently regarding this game changing product, which is still in its infancy, including several complaints about the lack of current functionality.

One such topic is the absence of any indication of what the iris is set to with the electronic lenses.

Although most of these issues will be addressed in forthcoming firmware updates, in the interim, Golan has devised a simple method for determining the actual f-stop for several of what he considers to be the most common and practical lenses for that camera. There is a free download below:

Black Magic Cinema Camera Lens Aperture Chart (click image to preview)

Download PDF Black Magic Cinema Camera Lens Aperture Chart