"Stolen" CASTING

We are casting actors for a feature film that shoots July 24-August 11, 2017.

Audition dates: June 27 & June 29

Call Backs: July 13-14, 2017

Location: Golan Studios, 1501 N. Magnolia Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Casting Director: Candice DeFalco (312) 642-4500 x5703


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project is a psychological thriller centered around two aspiring actresses, the fierce competition between them and the unbridled jealousy that pushes one to commit unthinkable acts.

Pay is SAG scale, and all applicants must be SAG qualified.

The approximate number of shooting days for each supporting character is approximately 1-4.

Available Roles

Jeff: Male, 30-40, white, handsome, successful, charismatic husband of Alexis (and Jesse's Father)

Jesse (4): Female, 4-6, White, 4 year old precocious, curious and intelligent daughter of Alexis and Jeff.

Drug Dealer: Male, 20s, edgy, menacing, and dangerous. The sort of guy who will smile to your face while picking your pocket or stabbing you in the back.

Clerk: Male, 40s, East Asian, convenience store clerk.

Trucker: Male, 50s, hefty, baseball cap, blue collar, misogynist type.


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