Sean Heckman
Owner-The Media Barons, LLC

“I run a business that makes a very conscious effort to make things painless and hassle-free for clients, as the whole basis of our business is on recognizing that people hire us because they aren’t experts in that field. That’s why working with everyone at Atomic Imaging was such a great experience, because they clearly reflect the same set of values. We were new in the realm of streaming remote cameras live for use in a motorsports webcast, and Ari Golan and his team completely embraced what we were doing, and went above and beyond to make sure our project worked. As a result, our webcast went flawlessly, and I can honestly say that the level of service and insight that everyone at Atomic played was one of the biggest factors. I couldn’t recommend their service any stronger, as they truly understand the needs of a client and how to make their project work.”

Joe Evans
Design Strategist

“I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. As part of this recommendation process, I was only given the choice to select 3 attributes of; Great Results, Personable, Expert, Good Value, On Time (On Budget), High Integrity and Creative. Over Years of working with Ari on so many projects he is all of those and so much more.

I always appreciated his Value, Creativity, Exemplary Customer Service, and Entrepreneurial Spirit and Awesome Finished Products we created as a collective team together. An indelible impression was left in my mind of him, his Agency Services, his Team, Leadership, and Stellar Customer Service and Promise! I wish you 27+ more years of prosperity in our ever changing marketplace.

If you have the opportunity to be hired by Ari, to work with him on a Team, and especially hire a Cutting and Bleeding Edge Creative and Business Minded Individual Who understands how to message a client’s needs and services to communicate a story, which captures the intended audience. What a bang for your buck. Your investment with Ari would cost 10X more with any other full service production agency. With Ari and Atomic Imaging, you get 10X the amount of service and product, which those aforementioned agencies would provide!

All-in-all, Ari is an exemplary messaging creative soul, storyteller and technical whiz.”

Michael Thomas
Writer/Executive Producer-Uppercut Studios

“Ari came up with a bullet-proof solution for a live-streaming event for one of our new clients. He walked us through the technology and was coming up with suggestions and creative solutions during every phase of testing and production. We utilized a Teradek Bond system and high speed modems to accomplish the feed. Moreover, Ari was a pleasure to deal with, all the way around.  I’d recommend him without hesitation to any of my colleagues or clients in the future.”

Pablo Lewin
Executive Producer/Director – Pablo Lewin Productions LLC

“I recently took a Green Screen Intensive run by Atomic Imaging’s Hollywood Camera Work Seminars, Ari was absolutely essential in that class. He took the time to personally and expertly answer each and every question. Weeks later I called him again with some questions and he once again went above and beyond the call of duty. Ari is a consummate professional and personable as well. I will certainly do business with his Company again.”

Clint Reagan
Pre-Viz Supervisor / Director – Halon Entertainment LLC
Star Trek, Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Ari was instrumental in the Hollywood Camera Work training I was fortunate to be a part of in Hollywood, CA. He organized a personal opportunity for a small group to learn together. Ari went above and beyond to work closely with attendees through out the weekend to share relevant experiences, to guide the hands on exercises so that we could all learn through doing but still have expert hands on guidance through the process. Ari was a perfect sign of the professional expertise and flexibility that all attending would have desired to emulate. I hope to work with and interact with Ari more in the future.”

Joel Kapity
Director-Dreams on Screen

“Dear Atomic Imaging/Golan Studios, Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the shoots we have had in the past year at your studio. I took a poll with my team at a meeting and it was agreed that you have the most client savvy studio we have worked with in Chicago! You and your team always go way above and beyond to make sure we have what we need to have a successful shoot for all of our clients. We have a lot of shoots coming up and will definitely be running our productions our of your studio! Look forward to working with you and your team again! – Joel Kapity Dreams On Screen Productions” March 7, 2012

John Barnett
Partner-Centrifuge Brand Marketing

“Ari has been an important creative ally on many video projects over the years. Having him with us on a project always improves both the concept and its execution. Moreover we always have a good time working together. Add to this the fact that he is a skilled cameraman, up to speed on the technology side — and he hosts the best Halloween party in Chicago!”

David Wells
President-Moving Picture

“Ari, Candice, Terry & Kevin,
Thank you very much for all of your hard work on the Kaplan project. You are a skilled & capable team.
It was very enjoyable working with all of you! I sincerely hope we can collaborate on many projects in the future.
Best Regards, David Wells”



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