Chicago Event Production Companies Capture the Moment

Businesses looking to engage with event planning companies in Chicago that offer expertise in corporate, entertainment, and sport video production need to assess many different factors before biting the bullet and hiring one.

There are dramatic differences between an amateur videographer in Chicago whose propped up a consumer camera and tripod, and an experienced videography carrying professional production quality video cameras. When it comes to corporate, entertainment, and sport video production, it is expertise and experience that will matter more than any other factor at the end of the day.

Choosing Event Planning Companies in Chicago

Event planning companies in Chicago run the gamut. All things being equal, businesses searching for Chicago event production companies should keep in mind that most of us tend to get what we pay for and hire. If you want to find Chicago event companies to cover a corporate, entertainment, or sports event that can be used in future enterprise and commercial offerings, then look no further than Atomic Imaging.

Atomic Imaging is The Event Production Company in Chicago. With more than 30 years working in the film and video production arena, and most recently in the digital imaging and integrated media fields, Atomic Imagining is the event production company more corporate, entertainment, and sports events are turning to when they want to capture the moment.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, Atomic Imaging is geared to produce the highest quality in live recording events. Our team of expert event production planners and videographers are ready to coordinate your webcasting events, corporate meetings, conferences, concerts, sporting competition, and similar large scale functions.

From the simple to the elaborate, Atomic Imaging along with its sister company GPI (Golan Productions, Ind.) can assist. We’re experienced in single shot documentation to multi-camera live-switches that require small VDT screens to giant projection screens.

Key offerings available from our Chicago headquarters include:

  • Consultation and event planning,
  • Webcasting both for in-studio events and location remotes,
  • Image magnification for video walls, video projection indoors and outdoors,
  • Satellite media tours,
  • Studio rental and shooting, and so much more.

  • Factors Affecting Event Production

    There are too many factors to list when considering all that’s involved in coordinating an event in Chicago, but when it comes to professionally recording the action, the following two features are undeniable standouts.

    Locations and production time are crucial when pre-planning for an event. Time is essential. Knowing how much set-up time is required and the total amount of time required for production will help set multiple other elements into place when planning an event.

    Never forget to plan in potential glitches, switches, and other external factors that could add to the time. Getting everything synced and in place for live events is fundamental, and we know a few tricks of the trade to assure everything runs smoothly.

    An outlined schedule seems obvious, but many planners leave it to the players along the way to do it, which often leads to an unexpected outcome. A schedule for each and every step along the way needs to be detailed so that the event continues to run as it should.

    Don’t rely on the presenters or players to do it on their own. You will need to have it outlined for everyone involved, whether they are in front of or behind the scenes. Everyone needs to be on the same page and know the sequence and flow of the event before it starts.

    Call Atomic Imaging

    Atomic Imaging is an international full-service emerging technologies solution provider and digital media production facility. If you need to capture major live events or produce corporate videos, talk to one of our production specialists today! We can be reached at: (312) 649-1800.