Aerial-to-Aerial Acrobatics

Production ace fies after history with camera in tow
by Jane Burek

Earlier this month, Golan Productions owner Ari Golan found himself shooting from a harness hitched to the cockpit of a Cessna 172 airplane. He was capturing re-enactment footage for a Discovery Channel program tracing Amelia Earhart’s final flight across the U.S. in 1927 before her legendary disappearance.

“It was an aerial-to-aerial shoot, which adds the complication of a moving object following another moving object. We shot a number of images of a plane over-taking another plane. There was also a lot of ‘dog fighting’ movements and acrobatic flying where the planes were inches from each other,” described Golan, himself an experienced aerial shooter and a helicopter pilot.

As usual, Golan’s Vice-President, Aigar Dombrovskis assisted in the production. The unpredictable early-October weather wound up working in favor for Golan and the London-based producer. “We had two days to shoot and make it look like two weeks in time. For the first time, Chicago weather was a big help,” notes Golan.

October 29, 2001
Vol. 1, No. 7
Pg. 11

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