eMedia Communications and Atomic Imaging Enter Into a Strategic Partnership

CHICAGO, July 25, 2000 — eMedia Communications, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Atomic Imaging, Inc. to form a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, the two firms will jointly develop and market interactive technology and services as part of eMedia’s Interactive Broadcasting Network. Atomic will lead technical development of the next generation of enabling technology designed to integrate the Internet, place-based broadcasting and kiosk interactivity.

According to eMedia’s President, John Tillman, “The partnership with Atomic will greatly enhance eMedia’s ability to scale up our rapidly growing Interactive Broadcasting Network. This partnership allows us to more rapidly deploy increasing numbers of interactive broadcasting terminals into brick and mortar venues in Chicago and across the country. Today we are focused on three markets, tourism and travel, bars and restaurants and campus communities with more to come in the future. We are excited about the expertise that Atomic brings to IBN.”

“This partnership with eMedia is a positive move for both companies,” says president of Atomic, Ari Golan. “At this stage of our business, we are more interested in forming strategic alliances that provide Atomic ownership of product rather than simply supplying service, and eMedia is a logical choice considering our past successes with them.”

eMedia is a pioneer in bringing the power of the Internet into public settings such as tourists sites, bars, retail stores and malls. eMedia’s initial product, PostCards Express, debuted in 1997. It allows users to create and send postcards from Internet Transaction Terminals (ITMs) located in high traffic public settings. The postcards contain a picture of the sender, a 10 second sound message, a text message and stock photo image of the host venue. The postcards are delivered via e-mail or the postal service. With over 50 installations and a three-year track record, eMedia remains the leader in the ITM based postcard business.

Earlier this year eMedia launched the world’s first integrated media channel, the Interactive Broadcasting Network (IBN). IBN integrates placed-based broadcasting, kiosk interactivity, e-mail and the Internet. IBN allows marketers to connect and communicate more effectively with specific target markets in a fun, interactive manner. IBN closes the loop between consumers in the home, at work and out in public spaces.

As a digital media content creation facility, IT consulting and marketing/communications firm, Atomic has utilized its comprehensive array of capabilities and experiences to create a multitude of award winning work for a prestigious clientele around the world.

Golan founded the company in 1993 as a branch-off from its sister company Golan Productions, Inc. GPI is a full-service video production studio, and Atomic was formed to meet the demands of the ever-changing technology industry. Atomic’s services include interactive multimedia, web development, multi-dimensional animation, visual effects, digital compositing, post-production, live event services, system sales and consulting.

Please visit Atomic’s web site for additional information at www.atomicimaging.com, or contact Katie Ours at 312-649-1800 or e-mail at katie@atomicimaging.com.

For more information, visit the eMedia Communications web site at www.emediacommunications.net, or contact John Tillman at 773-267-8500 or e-mail at john@emediacommunications.net.


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