Green Screener


Put Your Light Meter To Shame
On Green Screen

Green Screener does away with light-meters and waveform-monitors, and SHOWS you exactly how even your green screen is, giving you the power to do literally perfect green screen (and blue screen) using just your phone or tablet.

Whether you’re working on a $100M blockbuster or you’re doing green screen in your basement, the quality of your green screen will dramatically improve with Green Screener.

Green Screener

Co-Developed by our sister company, Hollywood Camerawork


Get amazingly perfect green screen with Green Screener.

See demonstration video at

No more light meters or waveforms

For good chroma keying, green/blue screens must be extremely even, or fine edge detail like hair and transparency starts to become blotchy, which is the hallmark of bad green screen.

Green Screener Interface

Invented by Per Holmes, creator of the Hollywood Camera Work training, Green Screener is a new kind of tool for lighting a green screen that breaks your green screen up into bands, so you can easily see how to light it.

Whether you’re working on a $100M blockbuster or shooting green screen in your basement, Green Screener will raise the quality of your green screen to a new standard.

Version 1.1

  • iOS 11 compatibility
  • Front/Rear camera selection
  • Desktop version for video bloggers (link within app)
  • Higher resolution
  • Flip-X/Flip-Y mirroring for selfie mode.


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