Big Screen, Little Screen

Atomic Imaging created animation on a customized computer system for a Macaulay Culkin scene in the Warner Bros. feature “Richie Rich.” The computer animation plays back on the computer screen with a”foolproof’ interactive control system, said CD Ari Golan.

“This way, Macaulay Culkin can hit any key on keyboard and advance through the program as if he were a hack and knew what he was doing,” explained Golan. “Also, it meant that we wouldn’t be at the mercy of the actor’s pacing. The animation plays back at his command – it’s not like a video playing.”

Atomic Imaging also designed the animation so that the scene could be filmed at the normal theatrical release frame rate of 24 fps without any flickering, sync or scroll bar problems.

AUGUST 22, 1994
VOL 16 NO. 31
PG 11

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