Blasting Off

by Karen Kraner

Golan Productions owner Ari Golan blasted off into animation and graphics with Atomic Imaging, a new Macintosh-based animation division of his live action Golan Productions toservice burgeoning multimedia.

Atomic Imaging also sells and rents hardware and software and acts as system integration consultants. “It was originally and solely designed to support the graphic needs of our production company,” says the director-cameraman. “But the multimedia industry has grown so huge that we decided to create a separate company devoted to the multimedia industry.”

Atomic Imaging’s diversity paid off in an enviable assignment recently with the Bill Murray feature, “Ground Hog Day,” shot in suburban Woodstock. Initially hired to supply rental video equipment, Atomic Imaging ended up creating a 3D animated logo for the movie. “We offered to do it on spec and they ended up liking it,” says Golan.

Atomic Imaging’s staff is comprised of Golan; 3D modeler and animator John Goodman; 3D modeling and electronic prepress, Tim Clark; sales and production, Tom Okon; and salesman Steve Casden.

DECEMBER 7, 1992
VOL 14 NO. 42
PG 26

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