Sayonara 1991

Production Community Awaits New Year with Open Arms
by Sharyl Holtzman

What a year it’s been! Up, down, sideways. Accounts lost, strayed or stolen (or at least
attempts made to pirate business). Ad budgets cut. Staffs shrunk. Burnett profit sharing down to 12%. Moves to Hollywood. And back. New equipment, new functions, new leases, new overhead. Mergers, joint ventures, companies sold and bought. On the brighter side, Chicago production didn’t fall apart, thanks to the stability of its advertising agencies, their clients, and the out-of-towners who prefer working here to the increasingly wormy Big Apple or souring Big Orange.

In light of the see-saw 12 months past, SCREEN surveyed the production community to learn some of the individual high points and best moves, and their hopes for the fresh, new year ahead.

Some respondents register excitement about a particular job, others were glad to have a new piece of equipment, while others were happy to have survived a tough year. Many expressed optimism for the new year, not just for themselves, but for their compatriots in the business.

ARI GOLAN, director/cameraman, Golan Productions
“Summer was very slow, but now, a traditionally dead time for us, is very busy. We shot commercial spots for Bud Light and Hulk Hogan’s movie, ‘Suburban Commando.’ Our new account executive Kim Lange is bringing in a lot of agency work. Our addition of a Beta SP edit suite, plus an Avid 500, has meant an increase in high end postproduction.”

DECEMBER 16, 1991
VOL 13 NO. 47
PG 17

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